Thursday, 2 November 2017

Catch up time again...

 Really bad at keeping this page updated - use my Facebook one more but cognisant of the fact that not everyone does Facebook, so keep this one as a contact page.
Here are a few samples of what I've been doing and if you would like to see more, I heartily suggest you join Facebook as there is so much of interest on there  - not just my humble stuff, but REALLY talented people and their work.
There are tutorials and courses and all kinds of things - it's not just gossip and pictures of peoples' dinners ;)   and


Thursday, 16 March 2017

...doesn't time fly when you're having fun - NOT ... ;) !

I can't believe it is March already! :O
I haven't had time for much artwork as I am now back at work and time just seems to evaporate, either at work, recovering from work, preparing to go to work or flippin' house-work...!

My poor Hubby has had an operation on his leg, so I have taken a week off to look after him and, tbh, I'm really enjoying our time together and doing stuff for him.

He's very much a caveman and likes to do things himself (except cooking and washing - I try to keep him away from those things cos he's lethal!) so I'e been a proper 1950's wifey this week fetching and carrying for him and, as a novelty, it's been very enjoyable but he'd better not expect the same service next week... ;) lol!

So I have time to update my neglected blog. :)

Like I say, not had  much creative time on my hands but been doing some exercises to brush up on techniques. This one was for pastels. Never been much good with pastels as I'm too messy with them but following this tutorial I found online, I created this, which i was quite pleased with.

The tut wasn't anything unusual - just the way I would have gone about the exercise anyway but by verbalizing my instinctual procedure it did give me more focus.

Still not a huge fan of pastels but perhaps I'll try another subject later.

But doing this exercise made me want to try with coloured pencil.

I didn't want to do an eye full of make up and false lashes - I can do those in my sleep .  I wanted to do an older person's eye, with all the creases and blemishes but couldn't find a photo ref online that was copyright free.
So I photographed my own peeper! :)   

I can't find the photo on my hard-drive at the mo but I'll pop it on for comparison when I come across it.

Be back soon (I hope.. ;) ! )


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Well - goodbye 2016 and hello 2017 - let's hope 2017 is a little kinder than  2016 was, especially to our musicians and performers!

My New Year Resolution? Not got one. But I've decided not to do any more shows. They cost a fortune to attend, you have all the humping of stuff there and back and unless you carry items for £10 or less, you sell very little.

I did about eight shows in all last year - costing over £60.00 a time, counting petrol but not the cost of making my prints and framing them, and I sold very few items and those all in the first two shows.

So, no more - I'm too old and it takes it out of me way too much. But at least I can say I tried!

So I guess I'm still a hobbyist although should anyone knock on my door I won't say no... ;) lol!

I'm a big animal fan (you may have noticed... ;) ) and I'm very happy to say that my Fox drawings have been very popular in a particular Fox-welfare charity auction!

I've sold two prints and a tote bag featuring foxes with 100% of the £25.00 each time going to the National Fox Welfare Society and i have another two waiting to be featured in the January Auction. It makes me very happy if I can drum up these funds to help treat and save these beautiful, abused creatures.

These are the images that sold at the auction. Sorry about the resolution and watermarking - spoils the images somewhat but you can blame the thieves for that.

Why should honest people pay out £25.00 and another, dishonest thief just take  any image they like?

                          This one is  'Reynard'. He's having a bit of a rest.....

                           This is the tote I made - featuring 'Foxy'...

                                ....and this is my 'Vixen and Cub'

My last fox of 2016 is the beautiful Aphrodite, who was saved by a member of the public in a suburban road and was treated and rehabilitated by the NFWS

The NFWS are brilliant - they will supply free treatment for mange and other issues and will trap and transport any injured or sick fox to a vet for treatment and it's all voluntary.

But in case I am appearing to be biased, here's my last drawing of 2016....

                             ......'You mentioned mealworms...? '

See you all again soon (I hope to be better at updating this year now I'm not wasting my time at the shows.)

Just a reminder - any and all of my drawings/paintings are available to purchase. Just either e-mail me or leave me a comm and I'll get back to you!
I am also happy to do Pet Portraits to order.